Remember Your Shot And Forget The Flu

New This Year!

Borgess has added more insurance options this year and is accepting all Medicare part B insurance and most commercial plans*.

The “quadrivalent” flu shot and nasal spray offers comprehensive protection against four different influenza viruses: two A viruses and two B viruses. The traditional flu shot and nasal spray offer protection against three influenza viruses: two A and one B.


Regular Flu Shot (ages 6 months to 65+) $29
Fluzone High-Dose Flu Shot (ages 65+) $58
Quadrivalent Flu Shot (ages 3 years to 65+) $38
Quadrivalent Flu Mist Nasal Spray (ages 2 to 49) $38
Pneumonia Vaccination (ages 65+) $90

We accept all Medicare Part B plans and most commercial plans (Borgess does not accept cofinity NGS - Bronson Employees and Medicaid), which cover both the regular vaccine and the high dose Fluzone.


Adults and children in need a regular seasonal flu shot, Fluzone high-dose shot, quadrivalent shot or flu mist nasal spray immunization

Cost of Flu Shot

A regular flu shot is $29 or covered by Medicare Part B and most commercial plans*. Please bring your insurance card with you (this is the same card that covers your doctor visits). Pneumonia shots are $90 and are typically covered by insurance as well. For healthy individuals between the ages of 2 and 49, we offer the quadrivalent flu mist nasal spray for $30. We accept MasterCard, Visa, Discover, check or cash, and participate with Medicare Part B and most commercial plans*.  If you are paying for your immunization(s), we will give you a receipt to submit to your insurance or flex plan for reimbursement.

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