Borgess Bone & Joint Institute

That’s Where Orthopedic Innovation is Always in Motion

When it comes to orthopedic innovation, Borgess is always moving forward. In fact, our history dates back to 1940, when the Stryker Corporation was born. One of the area’s first orthopedic surgeons, Dr. Homer Stryker, created groundbreaking medical devices right here at Borgess Medical Center.

Stryker Center for Advanced Recovery | Joint

Today, we’re proud to announce that our legacy of orthopedic excellence continues. Stryker Corporation has designated the Borgess Bone & Joint Institute the first Center for Advanced Recovery for joint replacement in the world.

What does this mean for you and those you love? It means that the very best orthopedic care is available to you, without having to travel far from home. It means that if you’re suffering from muscle or joint pain, Borgess will not only give you the relief you deserve, but also get you out of the hospital and back to your life—faster than ever before.

Why Borgess is a Center for Advanced Recovery for Joint Replacement

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The Borgess Bone & Joint Institute was compared with 85 of the top hospitals in the nation, benchmarking performance criteria such as operational and financial measures, patient experience and clinical outcomes. Stryker Performance Solutions analyzed over 100,000 patient records to gauge how well our orthopedic program is helping patients recover. It was determined that the Borgess Bone & Joint Institute gets you home faster and ensures the best recovery possible, so you can carry on with your life. Take a look at our outcomes.

What else makes the Borgess Bone & Joint Institute stand out among the rest?

  1. An unmatched continuum of care that includes orthopedic (including foot, ankle and hand) surgery, therapy and rehabilitation, sports medicine and rheumatology
  2. A longstanding reputation for innovation: we offer advanced surgical services including computer-assisted knee and hip replacement, anterior approach hip replacement and joint preservation surgery
  3. Access to breakthrough surgical devices and procedures that make things simpler, faster, and more effective
  4. A comprehensive “pre-habilitation” program, called Joint Camp, that strengthens muscles and bones to help ensure a quicker recovery
  5. Continued recognition and accreditation from Blue Cross Blue Shield, UnitedHealth and The Joint Commission

Orthopedic Excellence

Borgess has a distinguished history of orthopedic innovation. Our mission is grounded in the same principles that led former Borgess associate, Dr. Homer Stryker, to redefine orthopedic excellence.

Dr. Stryker was one of the area’s first orthopedic surgeons. When he wasn’t seeing patients, he created new patient care medical devices in the basement of Borgess Medical Center. For example, he and his wife, Mary Jane, developed and sewed the canvas slings and padding for the innovative turning frame that became the internationally renowned Stryker “circular bed” for orthopedic patients.

Today, the 130,000-square-foot outpatient ambulatory care addition at Borgess Medical Center is named The Stryker Center. The strong partnership between Stryker and Borgess continues to grow, with future plans that include a new research collaboration to further improve orthopedic treatments for patients around the world.