Brother and Sister Playing Faster and Stronger

"I can start faster and change directions faster."

Thirteen-year-old Anna Wittenberg has been playing soccer for eight years, but wanted to hone her skills for the travel team. Her brother Max, 16, the No. 1 singles tennis player at Gull Lake High School, sought better skills as well.

Both found that extra edge through a performance trainer with the Athletic Performance Program.

“He’s helping me with endurance and with my speed,” said Anna, who plays midfield for a TKO travel soccer team. “I have gotten faster in my sprints. I can start faster and change directions faster, which are both important in soccer.”

Max had first worked with the trainer during the previous school year when he had back problems after a significant growth spurt. “I followed his recommendations during the school year and this summer we focused more on upper-body strength,” he said. “I do feel a difference, and he is giving me guidance so that I can do exercises on my own.”

Kara, Max and Anna’s mother, appreciates how the program's efforts to make her children more fit will decrease the likelihood of injury. “He knows how to train young people,” she said. “He has a chemistry with Max and Anna, and they both look forward to seeing him.”