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Borgess Robotic Surgery Program

State of the Art Surgical Care

The Borgess tradition of innovation continues with the Borgess Robotic Surgery Program. This advanced minimally invasive surgical approach combines the latest surgical technology, including the da Vinci Surgical System®, with a highly skilled team of surgeons.

The da Vinci Surgical System is a sophisticated robotic platform that offers a minimally invasive option for many major surgeries. Using intricate tools, precise robotic movements and 3D imaging that provides a magnified viewpoint, surgeons are able to perform complex procedures through tiny incisions.

What does this specialized technology and expertise mean for you if you require surgery? In many cases, it means experiencing the benefits of:

  • less pain
  • reduced risk of infection
  • reduced risk of complications
  • less blood loss
  • reduced need for blood transfusions
  • less scarring
  • shorter hospital stays
  • a faster return to everyday life