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Bariatric Surgery

A long-term weight-loss solution with long-term benefits.

Many people who come to the Borgess Bariatric Surgery Program feel like they have tried “everything” to lose weight and keep it off.

As part of our commitment to helping you make the best decisions for your long-term health, the experienced team of professionals at Borgess provides a variety of solutions, including bariatric surgery, to help you realize a healthier you — inside and out.

If you have a lot of weight to lose or if your weight is contributing other health problems (co-morbidities) such as diabetes or high blood pressure bariatric surgery can be a safe and effective way to achieve and maintain weight loss goals.

Although it depends on the patient and procedure, many Borgess Bariatric Surgery Program patients will not only lose a significant amount of weight after surgery, but the majority resolve or improve related health issues.

More than a procedure — it’s a process for life.

For surgical candidates, the process will continue long after they leave surgery. In fact, it continues for life.

As the only Bariatric Surgery Center of Excellence® in southwest Michigan, the Borgess Bariatric Surgery Program is ready to support your weight-loss goals with the latest bariatric surgeries, as well as comprehensive dietary, exercise and psychological support.

Use the navigation at the top of the page to see if you are a candidate and learn about the types of bariatric surgery offered by the Borgess Bariatric Surgery Program.

You can also learn more by attending a free Bariatric Seminar. To register for a seminar or ask other questions, call (269) 226.6863.