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Medical Weight Loss

We’ll find a solution that’s right for you.

The Borgess Bariatric Surgery Program knows that no program is right for everyone. We’re prepared to find a weight-loss and management solution that best for you.

Prior to treatment, every patient in our program is thoroughly evaluated. This comprehensive evaluation includes a complete medical history, physical examination, and additional clinical studies. Following your evaluation, we will design a customized treatment approach—based on your specific needs, which may include:

  • Prescription medications
  • Individualized diet prescription
  • Behavioral coaching
  • Referral to a dietitian
  • Exercise recommendations
  • Long-term maintenance support
  • If desired, appropriate preparation for bariatric surgery

Sometimes medical weight loss is a better option than surgery.

Typical candidates for non-surgical medical weight loss management are people who:

  • Do not have a high enough BMI to qualify for bariatric surgery
  • Do not believe they can commit to the changes required after bariatric surgery
  • Have a medical condition that makes surgery inadvisable
  • Discover that their insurance requires enrollment in a non-surgical program prior to qualifying for bariatric surgery
  • Need to lose weight to prepare for another type of surgery
  • Have insurance that does not cover bariatric surgery

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