ACL Training Performance

Minimize Your Risk for ACL/Knee Injury

  • Develop proper jumping and landing technique
  • Improve balance and spatial awareness
  • Increase lower-body, core and hip strength
  • Enhance overall dynamic flexibility and functional movement
  • Boost performance efficiency on the playing field/court

ACL Training Performance Program

12 consecutive weeks; 60-minute sessions

Division I: Ages 10-13
Division II: Ages 14-17
Division III: Ages 18+

  • Pre- and post-training video analysis
  • Personalized CD with pre- and post-training test results
  • Individualized coaching technique and skill
  • Individualized progression on movement development
  • Strength and core development
  • Performance enhancement footwork and agility development

24 sessions/2x per week: $360 ($15 per session)
36 sessions/3x per week: $475 ($13 per session)

Team ACL Training Performance Program

Six onsite, one-hour training sessions

  • Movement-pattern screen and evaluation (targets at-risk athletes)
  • Sport-specific dynamic warm up
  • Sport-specific strengthening exercises
  • Educational training session for coaches and parents

Six-session package: $400
One-hour session: $80