Soccer Performance

Gain the Edge on Your Competition

Using a comprehensive approach to train speed, power, agility and endurance, our Athletic Performance Program enables athletes to jump higher, react quicker, reduce risk of injury and maximize their full potential.

Whether you’re looking to increase rate of acceleration, improve foot work and change of direction, and/or boost overall conditioning level and efficiency, we can help you realize your goals. Soccer performance measures include:

  • Functional movement screen
  • Foot speed/ball-handling foot work
  • 20-yard agility shuttle
  • Timed conditioning tests
  • Body-composition analysis
  • Injury prevention
  • Total-body strength development
  • Nutritional assessment

Programs Offered:

Building fundamentals (3-5 weeks/9 sessions) Ages: 11-16
Fundamentals+ (6-8 weeks/18 sessions) Ages: 11-18
Elite I (6 weeks/18 sessions) Ages 14+
Elite II (6 weeks/18 sessions) Ages 17+
Pre-season (6 weeks/18 sessions) Ages 11+
In-season (8-10 weeks/8-10 sessions) Ages 11+

* Customized programs can also be designed to meet individual needs and schedules

Building the Fundamentals

Building the Fundamentals encourages fundamental motor-skill development, increasing athletic ability and decreasing risk of injury. Creating a foundation for future success, this program focuses on the development of core strength, neuromuscular activation and proper motor movement patterns.

Fundamentals +

This program introduces more advanced motor movement patterns, along with the development of multi-joint movements using free weights, medicine balls and swiss balls. Athletes will work on proper technique, quality repetitions and injury prevention.

Elite I

The Elite I athlete will focus on sport and position-specific development, and increased multi-joint functional exercises. High-intensity conditioning tests and injury prevention recommendations will be included.

Elite II

Elite II ramps up the intensity. The program will center on functional strength, while also incorporating functional movement, core, neuromuscular adaptation and injury prevention.