Borgess Joint Camp
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Joint Camp

About Us

At the Borgess Bone & Joint Institute, we’ve designed a dedicated center that focuses on wellness, ongoing education and group rehabilitation for those patients undergoing hip or knee replacement surgery. Our comprehensive program, called “Joint Camp,” enables joint replacement patients to resume everyday activities faster and experience shorter hospital stays.

Our center is unique right from the moment you walk through our doors. Patients begin the program before surgery by participating in home-based strengthening exercises. Using this approach, they are able to strengthen and prepare important muscles that will be used throughout the recovery period. Family members or friends also have a vital role to play—as rehabilitative coaches. Patients select their own coach, who then serves as the primary support person during pre-surgical and recovery activities.

Throughout the experience, our patients work together as a team. First, they attend a complete pre-surgical education session. After surgery, patients move on to work in a group and individually to learn how to care for their joints and regain the best mobility possible. This spirit of working together is more than just motivating—it’s also linked to better results. In fact, working with others has demonstrated great benefits in both physical and mental aspects of healing.

Our dedicated unit also offers special amenities and an experienced, qualified staff. Every private room has a foldout bed for a family member or friend to stay overnight if desired. Patients wear casual clothing after surgery—not a hospital gown—and enjoy services unique to the Borgess Joint Camp program.