Borgess Urology Procedures

Offering complete urinary medical care and surgical treatments

We offer complete medical care and surgical treatments for a broad range of male and female urinary conditions, including bladder cancer, impotence/erectile dysfunction, kidney stones, disorders and cancer, enlarged prostate and prostate cancer, urinary incontinence, and urinary tract infection.  

Our experienced surgeons perform traditional, minimally invasive and robotic surgeries. There are many minimally invasive treatment options available today for those facing urologic surgery. Robotic surgery is practiced by surgeons worldwide and is a powerful treatment for complex and delicate urologic procedures like prostatectomy (removal of the prostate gland). This state-of-the-art surgery offers many potential advantages over traditional surgery, from less pain and blood loss to fewer complications to a faster return to everyday life. It blends the best techniques of traditional surgery—including comprehensive cancer control—with the latest minimally invasive approach.

Robotic urologic procedures available at Borgess include:

  1. Cystectomy: removal of all or part of the bladder, and in some cases, the removal of nearby lymph nodes and organs that may contain cancer
  2. Pyeloplasty: surgery to remove a blockage of the urinary system
  3. Partial nephrectomy: a technique to remove the diseased part of the kidney, and whenever possible, spare any healthy, functioning tissue
  4. Radical prostatectomy: removal of the prostate gland to treat prostate cancer