Joint Replacement Outcomes

Excellent Outcomes and Rapid Recovery

Borgess Orthopedics and the Borgess Joint Replacement Center/Joint Camp provide excellent outcomes and rapid recovery by supporting both physical and mental healing for patients undergoing hip or knee replacement surgery. The outcomes presented here are for joint replacement surgeries conducted at Borgess Medical Center and compared to over 100,000 patient records from 85 of the top performing hospitals throughout the nation, using independent third party measurements from Marshall Steele/Stryker Corporation (MS/S) recorded data.

Length of Stay

A key measurement of the ability to provide efficient and rapid recovery to get joint replacement patients back to what is important in life. The 12-month average length of stay for primary knee and hip replacement procedures at Borgess was 2.36 days, compared with the MS/S average of 2.90.

Readmission Rates

Reducing readmissions following orthopedic procedures is considered a key indicator of quality of care provided for joint replacement patients.

Clinical Complication Rates

The Borgess Bone & Joint Institute achieves lower-than-average rates for complications including surgical site infection (SSI), blood clots (VTE), hematoma and UTI.

Case Volume

Patients achieve greater outcomes at facilities with higher case volumes, supporting the tenet of practice makes perfect. A total of 722 primary knee and hip replacement surgeries were performed at Borgess during a 12-month period.

Patient Satisfaction

The Borgess Bone & Joint Institute routinely follows up on recent patients with surveys regarding their experience with us. As the data below indicates, the majority of our patients are very satisfied with their experience.

Discharge Disposition

The Borgess Bone & Joint Institute is proud of the excellent outcomes demonstrated in the discharge disposition of patients receiving joint replacements, compared with MS/S averages. A very strong majority (84%) of patients went home without home health.