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Osteoporosis Centers

A broken hip. "Dowager's hump." Chronic pain and a loss of independence. They're the devastating results of a serious condition called osteoporosis — the slow, progressive loss of bone mass that makes bones easily broken.

Women are at far greater risk for it than men -- Half of us have or will get it. And, there are no warning signs until a bone breaks. You don't have to let it happen to you. Thanks to preventive measures and advances in screening and treatment, our chances of beating osteoporosis have never been better.

We're never too old (or too young) to start — and the Borgess Osteoporosis Centers can help. From osteoporosis prevention and detection to treatment, Borgess provides care that few hospitals in the region can match. You can take steps at every age to prevent osteoporosis.

Select a health care provider
If you don't currently have a health care provider who can talk with you about how to prevent, diagnose and treat osteoporosis, call The Professionals at (269) 226-8135, or search our online physician directory.

Bone up on bone health
Ready to learn more about reducing your chances of suffering osteoporosis' devastating effects? No matter what your age, there's plenty you can do. Take advantage of our health and wellness classes that can help you make lifestyle changes to improve your bone health. From Light Hearted Living cooking classes to yoga and more, our classes will benefit your overall health as well as your bones. For a current health and wellness class schedule, click here.

The Borgess Institute for Cardiovascular Health offers classes and exercise physiologists who can tailor an exercise plan to your physical needs. You can also join the Borgess Health & Fitness Center, where you can take advantage of our medically based fitness and wellness programming.

Quit Smoking
Borgess offers a smoking cessation program designed to provide the extra support you need in breaking the habit. Call (269) 226-8154 for more information.

Get enough calcium
Make sure that your diet includes enough calcium by talking to your physician or scheduling one-on-one nutrition counseling with a Borgess registered dietitian.

Screen your bones
Bone scans detect bone loss by measuring bone density in the hip, spine and wrist. They are safe, painless procedures similar to an X-ray, but use less radiation. Borgess Osteoporosis Center specialists use the scan to estimate your risk for fractures so that your physician can prescribe the appropriate course of treatment.

If significant bone loss is detected, you may be prescribed treatment that includes diet, exercise and medication. New drugs are safe and highly effective in reducing the risk of fractures. Borgess Osteoporosis Centers offer DEXA bone scans in three convenient locations throughout Southwest Michigan.

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