Borgess Cancer Services

We know that the best care we can give cancer patients is not only dependent upon the best equipment and facilities, but also a wide range of personalized support services and experienced professionals. That's why Borgess is a joint sponsor of the West Michigan Cancer Center.

From customized services and highly trained specialists to a variety of cancer treatment procedures and programs, the West Michigan Cancer Center was designed with one person in mind: the patient. Through our affiliation with this comprehensive organization, Borgess provides cancer care rivaling programs nationwide.

Under one roof, patients receive radiation treatment on state-of-the-art linear accelerators, the latest chemotherapy drugs/procedures, neuro-oncology services and comprehensive support services.

Planning and consultation for prostate brachytherapy occurs at the West Michigan Cancer Center and the actual treatment occurs at Borgess Medical Center.

To receive more information or materials on the West Michigan Cancer Center, please call (269) 382-2500.