About Borgess Family Medicine

Experienced care close to home

As family physicians, we are dedicated to keeping you healthy and feeling good—both physically and emotionally—by understanding your individual needs.

We believe a positive doctor-patient relationship is based on honest, two-way communication. And just as we advocate for your better health, we encourage you to participate and ask questions.

As we strive to provide the highest level of service, you can help us by sharing your concerns and suggestions. Your input is important to us.

We always welcome new patients and find that many new patients have been referred to our practice by current patients. We appreciate the referral and view each one as a compliment to our level of service.

Borgess-Pipp Medical Commons
345 Naomi Street
Plainwell, MI 49080
(269) 552.0100

Oak Ridge Office Center
391 South Shore Drive, Suite 320
Battle Creek, MI 49014
(269) 969.6240

9880 E. Michigan Avenue, Suite 100
P.O. Box 308
Galesburg, MI 49053
(269) 665.7092