Borgess Women's Health

Borgess Women’s Health has made a special difference in the lives of women for many years.

Our approach to women’s health emphasizes understanding and tending to your individual needs. We believe that there is more to maintaining good overall health in addition to meeting your gynecologic and obstetric needs.

You might choose to take advantage of educational programs specially designed to help women live happier, healthier lives. Or our providers might refer you for essential prevention-related services available through Borgess Health, such as osteoporosis screening, mammography, cholesterol screening, nutrition and exercise classes, and more.

For patients visiting our office for the first time this calendar year:

Borgess Women's Health requires patients to fill out information and consent forms prior to their first visit each calendar year. For your convenience, you may download and print these forms now and bring them to your scheduled appointment. Use the menu at left to download the forms.