Exceptional Performers Award

At Borgess, we attract some of the most exceptional health care professionals and volunteers to our team. What's more, we're always excited to learn how our team members are providing exceptional care and service.

You may use the form below to nominate a member of our staff, a physician or a volunteer for one of our Exceptional Performers Awards. Exceptional Performers include the following categories:

Star Performers Award
This award is for exceptional performance of job duties. Criteria for receiving this award include

  • Consistent performance above expectation

  • Exceptional performance on a project or special assignment

  • Extraordinary or heroic performance in providing clinical care

Service Excellence Award
This award recognizes exceptional performance in providing excellent customer service to patients, guests and fellow employees. Criteria for receiving this award include:

  • Consistent provision of care that reflects the Borgess service expectations

  • Consistent performance that promotes respect and compassion

  • Provision of customer service that is above and beyond the requirements of a position description

Values in Action Award
This award provides recognition of performances that reflect our values:

  • Service of the Poor - generosity of spirit, especially for persons most in need

  • Reverence - respect and compassion for the dignity and diversity of life

  • Integrity - inspiring trust through personal leadership

  • Wisdom - Integrating excellence and stewardship

  • Creativity - courageous innovation

  • Dedication - affirming the hope and joy of our ministry

Note: To be eligible for an Exceptional Performer Award, nominees cannot be in the "probational" status of employment, nor can nominees have any current corrective action.

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