Borgess-ProMed Physicians: Family Practice

In addition to treating illness, the professionals at Borgess-ProMed Physicians are dedicated to helping keep you and your family healthy. Borgess-ProMed Physicians-Family Practice is a department of Borgess Medical Center staffed by ProMed Physicians.

That’s why we offer a wide range of primary and specialty services from highly qualified providers whose No. 1 priority is your health.

At Borgess-ProMed Physicians, we know that open communication and informed participation are key in satisfying your health care expectations.

Rest assured that we will listen to you and involve you in all care decisions.

At the same time, you should feel comfortable asking questions about your family’s care as well as about our practice and policies.


24466 Red Arrow Highway
Mattawan, MI 49071
(269) 668.4180
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Borgess at Woodbridge Hills North
7901 Angling Road
Portage, MI 49024
(269) 324.8600
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8450 North 32nd Street
Richland, MI 49083
(269) 552.2500
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Three Rivers

1241 W. Broadway
Three Rivers, MI 49093
(269) 273.9539
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