Inspire MagazineBorgess INSPIRE magazine is written and published three times a year as a community service by Borgess Health. The magazine includes medical advancement news, inspirational patient stories, upcoming health screenings and seminars, and other news related to Borgess Health. As content is not intended to treat, diagnose or prevent any health condition, always consult with your physician about your specific health care concerns or issues. Most doctors featured in the articles are independent physicians with Borgess staff privileges. To view Borgess INSPIRE magazine, please select from the issues below.

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  • Winter 2015 Issue

    Articles in this issue include:

    - Margaret and Mike's Motivation is Running Strong, Thanks to Borgess Run Camp
    - Making those Resolutions Stick
    - Susan Johnson Leave Darkness Behind
    - Taking Heart When the Snow Flies
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  • Fall 2014 Issue
    Articles in this edition include:

    - A Neurolointerventional Treatment Reverses a Major Stroke, Helping Michael Stay the Course
    - Borgess Health Park is Open for Healing
    - Superfood = Super Health Benefits
    - Making Your Final Wishes Known
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  • Winter 2014 Issue

    Articles in this edition include:

    - Double Knee Replacement Surgery Gives Jerilyn Her Mobility Back
    - One Couple's Journey in Advancing Alzheimer's Research
    - Weight Loss Using a Health Approach
    - Walking Your Way to Better Health
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  • Fall 2013 Issue

    Articles in this edition include:

    - Thanks to a new minimally invasive heart valve replacement, John is back enjoying life's simple pleasures.
    - A new breast cancer surgery offers women a welcome choice.
    - Could you be one of 50 million Americans coping with a sleep disorder?

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  • Spring 2013 Issue

    Articles in this edition include:

    - A New Team Approach to Care Gives Philip Greater Control Over Diabetes
    - Maintaining Your Health Through Primary Care
    - Reverence Home Health & Hospice Offers Peace of Mind
    - Dan Loses Pounds and Gains Muscle by Trusting His Personal Trainer
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  • Fall 2012 Issue

    Articles in this issue include:

    - Samantha Lane gains big benefits from a tiny breakthrough in surgical technology
    - Local companies find cost-effective help to keep employees healthy
    - New health care options coming to Battle Creek by mid-2014
    - Winning the war in the treatment of chronic wounds

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  • Spring 2012 Issue

    Articles in this issue include:

    - Minimally invasive robotic surgery offers Teresa a timely graduation
    - Bariatric Surgery: A story of triumph over lifelong weight concerns
    - Successful emergency surgeries offers Joseph Chiechi a second chance
    - Today’s Midwife: Offering health care services to women over their lifetime
    - The 33rd Borgess Health Run for the Health of It!

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  • Fall 2011 Issue

    Articles in this issue include:

    - Chris Denick is living life to the fullest after a life-changing heart procedure
    - For Efeosa Idemudia, health prevention provided profound intervention
    - The Borgess Tree of Love takes root in front of Borgess Medical Center
    - A new hemorrhoid surgery yields less discomfort, quicker recovery and lasting results
    - A closer look at the Borgess Faith Community Nursing Program

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  • Summer 2011 Issue

    Articles in this issue include:

    - An Innovative Life-Saving Technique Helps Olivia Return to an Active Life
    - Identify Your Risks for Heart Attack and Strokes
    - New Technology for Successful Stroke Care
    - The Borgess Research Institute: Shaping the Future Of Medicine
    - Borgess Gift Shop Offers “Virtual” Shopping

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  • Winter 2011 Issue

    Articles in this issue include:

    - For the Daleks, Conquering Sports Injuries is All in the Family
    - Staying on Top of the Game through Athletic Performance Training
    - Siblings Now Playing Faster and Stronger
    - The 32nd Annual Borgess Run for the Health of It
    - Less Joint Pain, More Life Gain: Reducing the Effects of Arthritis
    - Borgess Level I Emergency & Trauma Center: Rapid Response, the Highest Level of Care
    - Helmets that will Save You
    - Travel Health: Expertise for a Safe and Healthy Trip
    - It’s Not Too Late: What You Can Still Do to Fight the Flu
    - Other Tips for Staying Flu-Free

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  • Spring 2010 Issue
    Articles in this issue include:
    - World’s Smallest Heart Pump Gives Local Farmer Greatest Gift
    - Riding Younger and Stronger at Heart
    - Living Successfully(WITH HEART FAILURE)
    - Electrophysiology: The Science of Re-synchronizing the Heart’s Electrical System
    - No One Dies Alone Program Ensures Dignity for One and All
    - BORGESS CARE CONNECTION: A Faster Way to Keep Family and Friends Up-to-Date
    - Stopping Osteoporosis Before It Starts
    - Winning the War on Diabetes
    Download the Spring 2010 Issue
  • Spring 2009 Issue
    Articles in this issue include:
    - John Deyo - Knee Replacement
    - Borgess Joint Replacement Center
    - Digital Mammograms
    - Neuro Rehabilitation Program
    - Run for the Health of It
    Download the Spring 2009 Issue
  • Winter 2009 Issue
    Articles in this issue include:
    - Light Hearted Living Cookbook
    - Private Rooms
    - Minimally Invasive Treatment for Uterine Fibroids
    - Program Ensures Moms-to-Be Stay Center of Care
    - Reshaping Patient Care in the Hospital
    - ER or IMC—Where to Find Cost-Effective Care, ASAP
    - Point, Click, Discover the New
    - Borgess Integrative Medicine
    Download the Winter 2009 Issue
  • Summer 2008 Issue
    Articles in this issue include:
    - Deb Lemons Has Her Life Back
    - After Stroke, After Care is Key
    - VOLUNTEERS: A Vital Part of The Borgess Family
    - For the Overweight, the Weight is Finally Over
    - What You Can Do to Get Better Zs!
    - Manage Your Diabetes - Instead of Letting It Manage You

    Download the Summer 2008 Issue
  • Winter 2008 Issue
    Articles in this issue include:
    - Gilberto Guzman – not skipping a single beat of life
    - AngelMed Guardian® new implantable cardiac monitoring system
    - Introducing Borgess No Wait ER
    - Free Colorectal Cancer Screening Fights Deadly Disease
    Download the Winter 2008 Issue

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